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Perfect Puppy Help

Feel at sea with your new puppy?

Want him to stop biting you?

Desperate to house-train her?

Wish you could stop him stealing and chewing things?

Want her to be calmer?

Frustrated because he doesn't want to walk?

Want to know how to get her to do what you want?


We offer a New Puppy package to help you start off on the right foot with your new puppy - see details below.

We also strongly recommend you buy a copy of Carol's book, Pesky Puppy to Perfect Pet HERE. Or you can get one FREE with your New Puppy Package.

We also offer a range of training options: please see our Perfect Pet Training tab for details of the group training courses we offer and please see the 1-2-1 Training tab for details of our individual training packages.

For more details or to book a premier puppy package, contact us by email here or ring 07482 775526.


This package includes: 

- visiting you and your new puppy at your home for an initial 75-80 minute session to cover housetraining, nipping/biting, basic management and any other specific issues you have identified;

- 2 x 1 hour socialisation sessions over the following couple of weeks;

- a copy of Carol's "Pesky Puppy to Perfect Pet" book;

- email follow up support 

Cost £150

Please ring 07482 77 55 26 or email to book a new puppy visit.


Our Pre-Puppy Purchase webinar is now available. It tells you what you need to know when thinking of getting a new puppy or rescue dog.

Please feel free to download the accompanying notes for the Masterclass to help you with your puppy searching. 

Pre Puppy Purchase Masterclass

We are happy to offer FREE Perfect Puppy Purchase advice to anyone thinking of buying a puppy.  This includes helping you decide on a breed or type and, if wanted, coming with you to advise on and assess any prospective puppy or rescue dog you are considering.

Please ring 07482 77 55 26 or email to book your free advice call.