Thinking of getting a puppy or new dog?

Help! I want a dog...

Want a dog, but not sure what breed? 

Unsure about whether to get a puppy or older rescue dog?

Need help in choosing the best dog for you?

Never fear, help is at hand.

Watch our FREE webinar via the link below. It gives you loads of information and advice if you're thinking of getting a new puppy or rescue dog.

And download the accompanying notes for the webinar to help you with your search for your Perfect Pet. 

But we don't want to stop there with just providing you with loads of information. 

As a bonus

We are happy to offer FREE individual advice to anyone thinking of buying a puppy or older resuce dog.  We'll help you decide on a breed or type that will suit you best, and/or, if you want, we'll come with you where possible to advise on and assess any prospective puppy or rescue dog you are considering.

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