Do you like to snuggle down with a coffee and a good book?

Would you like to know how to quickly and easily train your new puppy to stop biting, wee and poo outside and stop chewing?

Want your new rescue dog to stop pulling on lead and to come back when called?

Getting frustrated with your adolescent dog's behaviour?

Fed up with your pooch jumping up on everyone?

Help is at hand!  Carol's new book, Pesky Puppy to Perfect Pet, is out next week. It's a heavily revamped version of the previous book, so has lots more information in it with extended advice about common problem areas such as biting and nipping.  It also includes some new areas and chapters, with sections on jumping up and adolescence, for example. 

We wanted our loyal customers to have the opportunity to get the book at an introductory offer price of just £7, AND we'll include a FREE training tips sheet too - just sign up. But this offer will not last for ever -  you only have until the 14th October, after which the price wil rise to £11.99 for paperback (and around £8.99 for the Kindle version). So don't delay -  click HERE to reserve your copy now: use the discount code PESKYDISCOUNT to get the offer price.

You wont regret it - and your puppy (or rescue dog) will thank you! And it will make a great Christmas present for any doggy friends!

PS If you know anyone who is planning to buy a puppy or get a rescue dog soon, please forward this email to them so they can benefit from this time-limited offer too. And tell them about our PRe-Puppy Purchase masterclass on 4th November - details and booking on the website.