The prize is a goodie bag of dog toys and treats (plus a treat for the human(s)) and a cash prize of £20. Open to children under 16.

We need a rap for the following rhyme about keeping children and dogs safe. The winner will get the goodie bag and the chance to have their rap filmed for our FB page and website. Open to individuals or small groups. To enter please send your ideas (preferably short video) to (If you include dogs in your film, please ensure safety for all!)
Entries close 31st July.

"Check it's sweet before you meet,
If a dog has a snack, keep well back,
To understand, dogs sniff your hand,
To meet a pup, ask a grown-up,
if you stare, the dog might scare,
Keep your face out of their space,
Chin or chest, that's the best,
Dont run or shout, it freaks dogs out,
A dog's not a toy, don't tease or annoy
Quiet and slow is the way to go"

Hoping for lots of entries - tell all your friends too!