Perfect Pet Training

Wish Fido would stop pulling on lead?

Would love Fluffy to come back when called?

Pray that Fido will calm down when visitors come?

Embarrassed by your crazy canine?

Want Fluffy to stop barking at everything?

Take the important first step now - book your Perfect Pet course below. 

We'll teach you how to become a Capable Canine Coach so you can train your pup to be your Perfect Pet.

Book now to give your puppy, or older dog, the training s/he needs to become your Perfect Pet. The sooner you start training the easier it is. 

Our Perfect Pet course includes:

- A pre-course video where we introduce ourselves and give you the secret formula to unlock your pooch's potential;

- Six x 1 hour long lessons to teach you how to teach your dog all the basics of being a Perfect Pet, some or all of which are outside in the "real world";

- Your own 72 page Perfect Pet workbook;

- A framable course certificate 

- Three months of after-course support and follow up; and

- There is also a bonus surprise at the end of the course

You'll get plenty of personal attention and help because we take a maximum of 6 dogs on any Perfect Pet course. And we have a very high instructor/client ratio (usually 1:2) - so we'll never let you struggle.

And all this for just £99. 

We welcome families and accompanied children on our courses.

Choose your most convenient Perfect Pet venue: 

Skipperstone Community Centre, Bangor (Tuesday evenings), 

*NEW* Manor Court Community Centre, Mill Street, Newtownards (Wednesday evenings) and

Down Dog base, 9B Glastry Road, Kircubbin (Saturday mornings). 

(The full range of available locations, dates and times can be found in the drop down menu once you click the "book now" button below. Select the course you want from that menu.)


What are you waiting for? Click below to book your course and start helping your pooch understand what you want and become your Perfect Pet.

Book Now

Once you have booked we will send you an email (from confirm your booking. 

Then, around 1-2 weeks before your course, we will send you the link to your pre-course video which will give you all the information you need so you will be prepared when you attend your course. We'll also remind you of the date, time and venue. 

Looking forward to seeing you. 

The video below gives you a quck idea of what to expect.

Perfect Pet Training

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