Premier Puppy Package


Feel at sea with your new puppy?

Want him to stop biting you?

Desperate to stop her peeing and pooing in the house?

Wish you could stop him stealing and chewing things?

Need her to calm down?

Frustrated because he doesn't want to walk?

Frantic to know how to get her to do what you want?

Get help now from our Premier Personal Puppy Package. 

 We'll help you address those pesky puppy problems.

And we'll give you the confidence and knowledge you need to raise your puppy to be the perfect pet of your dreams.

The package includes: 

- visiting you and your new puppy at your home for an initial 75-80 minute session to cover housetraining, nipping/biting, basic management and any other things you are struggling with;

- 2 x 1 hour sessions to include two socialisation walks over the following couple of weeks;

- a copy of Carol's "Pesky Puppy to Perfect Pet" book;

- email follow up support 

All this for just £190

What our clients say:

"Thank you to you & Gareth for your visit to us yesterday. It was such a great help, and very reassuring to us as complete novices that the zoomies are not unique to our puppy. We really appreciated your patience and how long you stayed for. We will definitely be reading your book at the weekend! Teatime was much easier as the girls were able to keep the puppy constructively entertained while I was busy. We are all feeling much more confident and our puppy seems to be learning fast."

"Your sessions with Robbie when he was a pup really helped him set a good foundation of behaviour."

What are you waiting for? Get the help you need right now. Don't keep struggling.

Ring 07482 775526 to book your package. Or email us. 

We'll arrange the visit to suit you as soon as you contact us.


If you just want some advice, you can buy a copy of Carol's book, "Pesky Puppy to Perfect Pet" HERE for just £11.99. (Remember you get one FREE with your Premier Personal Puppy Package.) Or check our our free help and advice sheets on a wide variety of topics.