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Behaviour help!


Do you Have a Pooch who...

Won't come back? Pulls on the lead?
Barks all the time? Jumps up at everyone?
Chases things? Hates travelling in the car?
Chews the house or Digs the garden? Messes where he/she shouldn't?
Snaps or bites other dogs or people? Is terrified of some noises or has particular phobias? 

We work one-to-one with you and your family in your own home. Please contact us directly, without any obligation, for a relaxed conversation about your dog and the concerns or problems you have. Get in touch here!

Do check with your vet first that your dog does not have a medical reason for the behaviour problem. Feel free to ask your vet for a referral. Some cases may be covered by your insurance, but please check wth your insurance company first.

We provide an in-house referral service for Cerdarmount Vets in Bangor. Various other vet practices in the area also refer clients to us.

Behavioural work is costed individually and depends on distance, but as a guide for Ards and North Down, the cost is based on £60 per hour. Visits further afield will incur an additional one-off travel cost. Most visits require a 11/2 to 2 hour session for us to assess your dog(s) and to agree and implement a plan to deal with the issues. The cost includes the subsequent written plan, plus unlimited (we mean it!) telephone and/or email support. Follow-up visits may sometimes be required.