1-2-1 Help: Personal Pet Package

Have you got a crazy canine or psycho pooch?

Do any of these sound familiar? Are you...

Fed up with your out of control dog?

Embarrassed by your dog messing in the house?

Horrified that she lunges and bites at dogs, other animals or people?

Frustrated when he jumps all over everyone he meets?

Going deaf from your pooch's constant barking?

Desperate to stop him chasing anything that moves?

FInancially stretched from replacing all the expensive chewed household items?

Struggling because he hates travelling in the car or won't go for walks?

Frantic to help her because she is so scared of loud noises or has a particular phobia?

Puzzled by your dog's strange behaviour?

If so, you need our help through a Personal Pet Package. 

Behaviour problems are very frustrating, but most can be helped or solved with time and commitment from you, together with expert, experienced help and support from Ireland's only Kennel Club Accredited Behavioural Trainer, Carol Clark.

Do check with your vet first that your dog does not have a medical reason for the behaviour problem. Feel free to ask your vet for a referral. (We provide a referral service for Cedarmount Vets in Bangor, Gortland Vets in Belfast, Ards Veterinary Clinic and Comber Veterinary Clinic. Various other vet practices in the area also refer clients to us.)

Some cases may be covered by your insurance, but please check wth your insurance company first.

Our 1-2-1 package includes:

- a pre-visit form for you to complete and return prior to a package being agreed (click on the link below); 

- an initial assessment visit, where we clarify any issues from the form you submitted and assess your dog. We'll agree with you what needs to be done, teach you what to do, and agree the date for the follow up visit;

- a follow up visit around 2 weeks later where we check how things are going and do any "tweaking" required and agree if more visits are needed;

- a written report folowing each visit with step by step guidance on the actions we have agreed;

- email follow up; and

- unlimited email support whenever you need.

What our clients say:

"Our main concern buying the service was that it seemed expensive and we didn’t know whether it would help, however we do feel it was money well spent."

"I just wanted to thank you for all the help and useful information​."

"Many thanks for your time today and everything you’ve taught us! I will continue to do the training you have set out and will make sure to keep a diary of our hopeful progress."

"I just want to say thank you for the report and for everything so far.  It is great to have such back up and such hands on advice."

"Thank you Carol & Gareth, we found yesterday really valuable and are so relieved that we now have an understanding of what's  actually going on and how we should be responding.​"

"It is brilliant to have everything detailed to ensure we are implementing all the training. We all really enjoyed your visit and can see the benefits already."

If this help is just what you need, then please COMPLETE AND SUBMIT THIS FORM  to tell us about the concerns or problems you have. 

We will then get in touch by email (from info@downdog.co.ukwithin a week to book your Personal Pet Package initial assessment visit.

(NB If you haven't had a response from us after 7 days please check your junk mail folder - look for the address "info@downdog.co.uk" - or give us a ring on 07482 775526.)

If you are unsure whether you need our Personal Pet Package, then you can book a 30 minute telephone or Skype call with Carol instead. This will give you some general advice. But please note, Carol won't be able to give specific advice for your dog without seeing you and your dog together in person. 

Please ring 07482 775526 or email to book a telephone consultation.




Personal Pet Package

Initial Assessment session (around 90 minutes) 

1 follow-up session (around an hour)

1 x Monthly Follow-Up email



As required

1 Hour

(May be needed for complex problems and aggression problems) 




30 minutes (with Carol)

(Please note Carol will not be able to give any specific advice without seeing and assessing your dog.)


NB If you cancel a confirmed, booked session with more than 48 hours notice there is no charge. 

We reserve the right to charge £30 if you cancel giving less than 48 hours notice. 

We will make every effort to reschedule a cancelled session, but a cancellation charge of £30 will be made for each and any subsequent rescheduled session

Please ring 07482 775526 or email for further details or to book a telephone consultation.