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Behaviour problems

Have you got a crazy canine or psycho pooch?

Does your pooch....

Bark all the time Jump up at everyone?
Chase things? Hate travelling in the car?
Chew the house or dig the garden? Mess where he/she shouldn't?
Snap or bite other dogs or people? Act terrified of some noises or have particular phobias? 

Behaviour problems are very frustrating, but most can be helped with time and commitment from you, together with our expert help and support from Ireland's only Kennel Club Accredited Behavioural Trainer, Carol Clark.

Do check with your vet first that your dog does not have a medical reason for the behaviour problem. Feel free to ask your vet for a referral. (We provide an in-house referral service for Cedarmount Vets in Bangor and are the preferred behaviourist for Gortland Vets in Belfast. Various other vet practices in the area also refer clients to us.)

Some cases may be covered by your insurance, but please check wth your insurance company first.

Our packages include:

- a pre-visit questionnaire for you to complete and return prior to the assessment; 

- a mandatory assessment visit, where we clarify any issues from the questionnaire, assess your dog, agree what needs to be done, set up an initial training/management package, show/train you what to do and agree the date(s) for follow up;

- post assessment visit you will receive a written report with step by step guidance on the actions we have agreed;

- one or more 1 hour follow up sessions (depending on the package); and

- email follow ups and telephone support as detailed in the package.

Please contact us directly, without any obligation, for a conversation about your dog and the concerns or problems you have. Email here or ring 07482 77 55 26 to discuss your issues and to book a telephone consultation or assessment visit.


Telephone consultation:

This includes a half hour telephone call with Carol to discuss your issues. 

(Please note Carol will not be able to give any specific advice without seeing and assessing your dog.)

Cost £35

Assessment session (mandatory): 

1 session £80 (£75 at our Kircubbin base)

All 1-2-1s will start with a mandatory initial assessment session. If more work is required, a suitable training or behaviour package will be recommended. 

Basic, standard or gold packages:

These include follow-up session(s), and varying levels of email and telephone support. We will advise you on which package would be suitable at your visit.

Basic: 1 x 1 hour follow up session, and 2 x fortnightly email follow ups

Silver: 3 x 1 hour follow up sessions, 6 x fortnightly email follow ups and a telephone advice call.

Gold: 5 x 1 hour follow up sessions, 12 x fortnightly email follow ups and up to 3 telephone advice calls.

Please ring 07482 77 55 26 or email for further details or to book an assessment session or telephone consulitation.