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Our puppy bible, Pesky Puppy to Perfect Pet, is available in hard copy and on kindle

It gives you advice and help in dealing with those pesky puppy problems and covers training basics too.

You can get one FREE with our Personal Premier Puppy Package - check it out

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Below are some FREE helpsheets that you may find of interest. Click to download:  

 Choosing a puppy

 Preparing for a new puppy or dog

 Puppy Socialisation checklist

 Canine Community Code

 Crate training

 Filling Kongs

 Clicker tips

 Canine communication

 Examples of Canine Communication

 Signs of fear and anxiety in dogs

 9 rules for a perfect recall

 Dangerous Dogs NI - the law

 Gardens and Digging

 Play and exercise

If your dog has a problem, or if you want to know more about any of the topics covered, do feel free to get in touch for an initial discussion without any obligation.

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Pre Puppy Purchase Masterclass

In 2017, we ran a seminar on what to look for when thinking about getting a new puppy. Click the link and watch the whole seminar, get the accompanying notes and take the free advise to heart.

Click here to watch the whole seminar