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GusBeing a Perfect Pet is one of the hardest jobs any dog can do - be quiet and rest when we are busy; be happy to join us when we want to play or go for walks; bark at burglars but not at visitors or people we meet out and about; be friendly with all people and other dogs; not to chase things unless we want them to; and so on.  It's a tough job!

We specialise in training YOU to be a Capable Canine Coach so you can train your Perfect Pet.

Our Perfect Pet training courses teach you how to teach your canine companion to be the best dog in town. And the lessons are fun too! Out and about training is included in all our courses. We offer classes at Bangor, Kircubbin and **NEW** Comber.

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Already struggling with a pooch with problem behaviours? You need one of our behaviour packages. We provide an in-house behaviour referral service for Cedarmount Vets in Bangor and Gortland Vets in Belfast and other vets across the area also refer cases. 

Our activity classes provide for those who want to take their training further and have fun with their pooch. We offer Rally classes at Kircubbin and Bangor weekly and Nosework sessions at Kircubbin monthly - check them out. We also offer specialist classes for dog aggressive dogs and for nervous dogs (by invitation only).

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