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You've just purchased your new dream puppy or finally found your wonderful rescue dog - but reality has set in. You're struggling to stop him peeing all over your house; he thinks your hands, feet and clothes are the best playthings ever; and all your kitchen doors and other fixtures and fittings are chewed.

Outside is no better: you're in pain from him pulling your arms out on walks; you scream in frustration when he runs off when you let him off lead; you're embarrassed when he jumps up on all your friends and family; you're fed up when he chases the family cat; and you're thinking of getting rid of him when he barks at anything and everything.

Being a Perfect Pet is one of the hardest jobs any dog can do - be quiet and rest when we are busy; be happy to join us when we want to play or go for walks; bark at burglars but not at visitors or people we meet out and about; be friendly with all people and other dogs; not to chase things unless we want them to; and so on.  It's a tough job!

We specialise in training YOU to be a Capable Canine Coach so you can train your Perfect Pet. And the lessons are fun too! Out and about, real life training is included in all our courses. You can come to group classes at Bangor, Kircubbin or Comber area. Or get individual help from Carol, The Doggy Doctor.

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What our clients say:

"I just wanted to say thank you, we have found the sessions invaluable and we have seen such an improvement in Bella and I honestly thought she was beyond hope! Thank you so much!" 

"We were concerned whether or not we would be successful considering the cost we were paying. As it turned out the training was worth every penny."

"I was concerned I would be criticised as an owner, but I have learned to recognise what my dog is communicating and communicate what I want back."

"I was nervous of working one to one with a trainer but I highly recommend it."

"I loved the workshops. Intense and so much fun."

"I liked that my dog wasn't judged for his traits in a way that family and friends would react (bad dog, unfriendly, aggressive etc.). You gave me confidence to make changes, hope that behavioural problems could be solved and more enjoyment of my pet."

"It's great to attend a class with other owners and dogs that are experiencing the same things as you so you don't feel you are the only person in the world with a dog that doesn't listen to you."

"I've now got a better relationship with my dog."

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Talking Tips is our new series of short videos that will be coming soon, this first episode is about using your dog's name correctly. Enjoy.